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First Country To Legalize Medical Marijuana
First Country To Legalize Medical Marijuana
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In addition to these standard promised outcomes which advocates of drug legalization all over the world make, there are other dimensions, such as the environmental impact of the legalization, that are rarely, if ever, discussed. Uruguay is not alone in first country to legalize medical marijuana: Latin America in seeing the economic opportunities of producing and exporting marijuana. Under, international laws, cultivation, supply and possession of cannabis should be allowed only for ‘medical and scientific purposes’. In general, possession of the drug for personal use should be a crime, to deter use, and most countries make this punishable by imprisonment. In recent years, however, several jurisdictions have reduced their penalties for cannabis users, and some have permitted supply of the drug, allowing us to observe different control models and their consequences. Policy discussions are complicated by conflicting claims — decriminalisation or legalisation, medical or recreational use, policy success or failure — and this page aims to clarify some issues.

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Despite the fact that nine states and the nation's capital, Washington D.C., have legalized recreational marijuana—and 29 states have legalized it for medical purposes—cannabis remains completely illegal under U.S. federal law. While the administration of former, President Barack Obama implemented guidelines against prosecuting marijuana businesses that were legal on the state level, Sessions has taken a tougher stance. Like alcohol and tobacco, marijuana day canada has some health risks. On April 20, 2017, the Canadian Federal Government announced that recreational use of marijuana also known as cannabis will be legal in Canada by Canada Day 2018. For many Canadians, this settles a longstanding matter, and yet we have no idea yet how it will play out.



marijuana day canada
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